Focus on what's important   —  growing your business.

We'll manage your human resources responsibilities by offering expert payroll processing and available administration solutions, access to affordable employee benefits and retirement plans, and regulatory compliance assistance.

Bundled Services

We aim to tailor a solution for you. You choose only the services that meet your needs, from payroll tax services alone to full service PEO.

Payroll & HR Administration

We are payroll experts but the perks don’t end there. We consult with award-winning partners on compensation, employee handbooks and much more.

Benefits & Retirement Plans

With a vast network of advisors and an experienced staff, we offer the best premiums from top-rated insurance providers across the nation.

Regulatory Compliance

We use industry leading tax and accounting software so that our filings are always up to date and you avoid any unnecessary penalties or fees.


Why should you outsource?

As your business grows, your challenges multiply.

Partnering with us offers administrative relief, access to better benefits, reduced liabilities and dedicated support. Going with an experienced team of experts means that you're able to focus on what you love most:  your business.

Up to 9% faster growth

Outsourcing means that you no longer have to choose between HR-related responsibility and untapped potential business growth. Findings from NAPEO, The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, showed that businesses actually grow 7-9% faster.

Employee turnover is 10% less

When you can attract and retain top talent with our recruiting and placement services and also offer access to a full suite of affordable benefits, your employees stay longer and work harder. NAPEO’s data also suggests that businesses that hire a PEO have 10-14% lower employee turnover.

Source: NAPEO

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What can outsourcing do
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