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Benefits of a PEO

Business Strategy
As a PEO, we can bring you the relevant information you need to form your business plans and strategies where this is a HR or PEO related optimization to consider. Our team is comprised of seasoned experts who have faced an impressive number of business situations across many industries and can provide the input, guidance and expertise in our field, to best inform your decisions in leadership.

Procurement Advantage
Our combined strength, professional relationships and negotiation abilities result in our clients seeing advantages in that we save them money and benefit their companies and employees. Total HR leads the PEO industry with packages employers can offer as their own industry leading benefits including:

  • Retirement plans
  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Healthcare flexible spending account
  • Life and disability benefits

Cost Savings
For most businesses staffing and maintaining payroll services with Total HR is a no-brainer cost savings opportunity with payroll processing and accounting. Clients have told us that there is just as much, if not more, visibility for them,, too, with fully automated payroll processing, withholdings, W-2s, garnishments, international tax withholdings, etc.

Risk Mitigation

HR Compliance
In this day and age, staying on top of HR compliance is more important than ever. Remote working requirements, ever changing laws and regulations and loan stipulations…it requires a full time team of experts and that’s a lot for businesses to take on. Let our group of amazing HR specialists keep you informed and best positioned to not just protect your business, but also to be positioned to succeed. THR can assess your current situation, respond to developments, or best of all, plan ahead to keep your organization informed and compliant so you can avoid serious consequences.

Workers Comp
Total HR offers worker’s compensation through our own independent insurance program. We also work with your team to make sure your company is compliant, working to reduce risk, provide guidance for employees and protect your organization. We also represent our clients for any audits, paperwork or required certification or documentation required. Our specialists can help reduce risks, and protect your employees and company

Legal Matters
One of the most important roles of business leadership is protecting the business and its employees. One investigation or lawsuit can have damaging effects on the bottom line and the corporate culture in devastating ways. Total HR provides the legal expertise, risk mitigation experience and mediation abilities to put your company and yoru employees in the best possible position