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Leadership Training And Development

Training Goal

The goal of these programs is to increase productivity and organizational effectiveness and to drive increased income and profits.

Needs Assessment:

Analyze the current state and future needs of a business. Identify gaps and create solutions to bring employees to their full potential.

Job Aids:

A tool or resource which provides task guidance. Job Aids include reference guides, checklists, flow chart and decision tables.

Employee Training Programs:

Programs are developed fill the gap between current employee performance and expected employee performance. Classes can be facilitated either virtually or in person and topic can include Customer Service, Self-Management Skills, and Business Acumen.

Supervisor Training:

Programs that allow the supervisor to grow and develops individually as well as improves managerial skills. Topics are often linked with employee training programs to create organizational accountability for topics such as customer service, business acumen. Or topics can be specific to the supervisor job such as New Manager Training, Compliance, Soft skills, and Leadership Skills.

Leadership Development:

Focus is on imparting the skills and knowledge that grow organizations. Topics can include developing cultures, improving trust, and establishing accountabilities.

Individual Management
and Executive Coaching:

The purpose of individualize coaching is to develop ownership of personal growth and increased effectiveness.

Training Evaluations:

Consulting is available to help organizations understand how to link training evaluations to the needs of the business.