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Our team is tirelessly curious and always up to speed on the things that will help our clients. This section includes some of the original materials we have developed, as well as useful info and articles we have curated to help inform our clients (and ourselves) and run the best businesses we can!

Whitepapers & Worthwhile Reading

  • INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Ways Small Business Benefit From Using a PEO

    Since December 2004, employment at small businesses using PEOs has grown more than 7 percent faster than at small businesses overall, according to the Intuit Small Business Employment Index. The average overall employee turnover rate in the United States is approximately 42 percent per year, based on 2012 data. It is 28 to 32 percent for companies that used PEOs for at least four quarters.

  • Professional Employer Organizations: Keeping Turnover Low and Survival High

    In this report, “Professional Employer Organizations: Fueling Small Business growth,” a comprehensive analysis of existing economic data showed that small businesses in PEO arrangements have higher growth rates than other small businesses, and small business executives who use PEOs are better able to focus their attention on the core business. In further exploring the impact of PEOs and their potential to help small businesses better meet the challenges of today’s demanding economic conditions, this follow-up study examines employee turnover and business survival rates for businesses using PEOs and compares them to national data available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  • The ROI of Using a PEO

    The research summarized here indicates that a conservative estimate of the expected ROI for PEO clients—based on cost savings alone—is 27.2 percent per year.

  • Key Findings of ‘Professional Employer Organizations: Fueling Small Business Growth’

    Since 2010, employment growth among PEO clients has been 9 percent higher than other small businesses (based on the Intuit Small Business Employment Index), and 4 percent higher than employment growth in the U.S. economy overall.